28 Days of Christmas (Music)

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I have very firm standards when it comes to Christmas music. I only start listening to the celebratory tunes on Thanksgiving, and then I cut myself off at 11:59pm on December the 25th. Some years provide a longer listening season than others. It just depends on how the calendar shakes out.

It has come to a point where it takes substantial effort to keep my sacred practice. There seems to be some kind of twisted competition between radio stations in Kansas City to see who can be the first to start playing. I wouldn't be surprised if next year one of them begins on the 4th of July. Without regard to the cultural trend of perpetual Christmas (which I'm convinced is a cagey effort to make us spend more money) I throw absolute fits if anyone plays Christmas music in my presence before Thanksgiving. I'm that serious about protecting the yuletide chastity of my ears.

But once turkey day finally rolls around, it's on. Rockin' the Christmas casbah. I currently have three favorites in my Christmas Playlist.

  • Jewel's Joy: A Holiday Collection - Jewel is an interesting cat. She's done dance/pop. She's done acoustic. Now she's getting ready to drop a country album. I guess that's what happens when you are married to a rodeo stud. This album is about as eclectic as her career. Very creative in her use of vocals and instruments. Classy takes on classic carols. Her Rudolf is fantastic. Her Ave Maria will melt your face off. My favorite Christmas album.
  • Mowtown Christmas - I've never found the actual Mowtown Christmas album cd. My dad had one that spanned two records (actual big black records), that he had then copied onto a cassette tape. One Christmas he, my sister and I sat on the dining room floor and listened to the entire thing. So there is some nostalgia wrapped up in this selection, but I think the music can stand on it's own without the warm memories. The Jackson 5 sing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. There was a version of We Three Kings that was used in A Claymation Christmas. Very snazzy.
  • A Christmas Festival with The Boston Pops and Arthur Fiedler - No voices. Just really good instrumentals. A nice mix of power and grace. Could use a little more Cowbell.
That's pretty much my playlist. We have a Mariah Carey Christmas album, but I can only take one or two songs at a time. The lady just doesn't do subtle. Everything is loud and intense. There is one Mannheim Steamroller song that I always enjoy. Carol of the bells with special guest Metallica, I believe.

Do you have any favorites? I'm always open to suggestions. And aren't we all a little surprised there is no Guitar Hero: Christmas ? I know I sure am.

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  1. adam paul 10:35 AM
    merry christmas - mariah carey. at christmas - hanson.

    in the more serious category: james taylor at christmas.
  2. Michelle & Luke 10:01 PM
    My faves:
    1. Christmas at Sarajevo by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    2. Sarah McLachlan's songs "wintersong" and "Song for a Winter's night" - they are kinda melancholy haunting christmas songs but they are beautiful
    3. Vince Guaraldi's "Linus and Lucy"

    The WORST Christmas song I have ever in my entire life heard is "Christmas in the NW". It includes the line "the gift god wrapped in green." Please please watch it on youtube- the video is a spoof, but that is the real song.
  3. Dori 10:12 PM
    I don't allow Christmas songs until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when we traditionally go and get our tree from the boy scouts and then decorate it to our old Christmas CD's. The very best album in my book is Bebe & Cece: First Christmas (1993)...it is rich, jazzy, and oh, so sweet!
  4. Mar 12:10 AM
    Ella Wishes you A Swingin' Christmas, Now that's what I call Christmas (vol.1 only!). jazz, all the way. only way to handle it for a month straight

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