Starbucks Got It Right

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I've been critical of Starbucks in the past. But they got one right this weekend. They released the above commercial, and I think it makes a great point. Today, many of us will vote. We will be passionate about that vote. We've waited months to cast that vote.

And tomorrow a little less than half of us will wake up disappointed.

But tomorrow isn't the end. It's the beginning. It is an opportunity for us to take a look at why we voted how we voted, and begin to actually do something about those issues we are passionate about.

This is especially important for those of us who are Christians. Look, we should be involved in the political process. We should be engaged and prayerful voters, because government is a big deal. But we also shouldn't put too much faith in individuals, and we shouldn't lean on the government too heavily to legislate morality. When we do, we miss out on the fact that our calling isn't just to talk or vote in a way that differentiates us from the world around us. We are not just called to give money to organizations that support our passions. We are called to live with distinction.

Most Christians probably factor foreign policy and diplomacy into our voting preferences. But we also factor in domestic issues that we feel to be highly important in our moral and ethical constructs. It would be interesting to see how much healthier Christians could make this country if we really dedicated ourselves to these moral and ethical issues.

Each week, you have 168 hours to fill. What would happen if you spent 2.4% of those hours dedicated to contributing toward a constructive solution for your top voting priority? You wouldn't protest, you wouldn't post videos on the internet, you wouldn't forward emails, you wouldn't increase financial contributions to ministries, you wouldn't change your facebook status. I mean, you could do all of those things. They just wouldn't count toward your 4 hours.

If you voted for a candidate because he pro-life, you would spend 4 hours each week supporting single mothers, or adoptive families. Heck, you might even get really wild and decide to become a foster parent or an adoptive parent.

If you voted for a candidate because you felt his policies could help bridge the gap between rich and poor, you would spend 4 hours each week serving in ways that sustainably empower the poor.

If you voted for a candidate because you felt his policies were pro-environment, you would spend 4 hours contributing toward environmental stability.

If you voted for a candidate because you felt he would help gap the racial divide, you would spend 4 hours each week helping to bridge that divide.

And so on.

Clearly, my point breaks down if you are a Christian who decides who to vote for based on your right to bear arms. Please don't spend 4 hours each week buying guns. And please call me so that we can talk about whether or not Jesus really wants you buying guns.

But on the other points, what could we make this country look like? Practicing what we preach. Putting action to words. Demonstrating that there is substance behind all of our talking and politicking. Realizing that with a little bit of effort, we can collectively be more effective at changing the ethical and moral issues we are allegedly passionate about than a president ever could.

That would be something.

That would be gospel.

Renew and Restore

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  1. Family 7:15 AM
    I'm reading your entries in reverse order Christian and I think there might be some George Will in you. You have inspired me to not just think, but act. Thanks,

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