Countdown to U2: North and South of the River

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My understanding is that U2 didn't write this song. It was penned by a Irish folk singer, and they picked it up. I'm glad they did.

Honestly, this has been my favorite U2 song for the past couple of years. I think there is something to the understatedness of the live version. There is nothing about it that is over the top. Just powerful words of a r conciliatory dream over the backdrop of a simple piano loop and an almost tribal drum beat.

One of the things I have always appreciated about U2 is that there is a balance to their library. Ireland has seen a lot in terms of intra-country strife. So you have a lot of songs in the library that address the pain of that infighting. Then you have another collection of songs that zoom out and address other injustices/conflicts on a more global level.

But then you have another collection of songs that mirror the first two. They are hopeful songs of wholeness that keep you from getting completely incapacitated by the level of brokenness in the world. You have your '40' and your 'Beautiful Day' and your "North and South' that prophetically constructive and stand in contrast to the prophetic damnation of 'Bloody Sunday' and 'Bullet the Blue Sky'.

A bonus of the performance I found of the song is the joy of people watching. Seriously. Can you ever imagine U2 going on a show like this when their album drops next year. No way.

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