My Middle Name is Nielsen

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Just kidding. It's Darnell. Way better ring to than Nielsen. However, a couple of weeks ago I did get to be part of the Nielsen Ratings. They called the house and asked if I'd keep a journal of what I watched on the tele for an entire week. That's an easy "yes". Especially because I know from past experience that they include $30 cash with your journal in exchange for your time. ChaChing!

Overall I think I added to the ratings of good shows. I had the chance to show advertisers that people in America do watch soccer, so hopefully they will put more on. I also got to give the PBS coverage of a Presidential debate some love. The picture isn't as clear on PBS, but I think they don't clutter up the screen with scrawls and stupid lines. Good trade. Plus, they have the best post-debate coverage with thoughtful analysis and absolutely no screaming. I really like David Brooks.

We also gave Jon and Kate Plus 8 some love. Stacy likes it. I wouldn't sit down and watch it by myself, but it is fun to watch with my wife. I like the fact that every episode contains some kid either wiping out or hauling off and hitting a sibling. Makes me laugh every time.

One show that ended up in the journal that we have only watched that one week is Just Cook This! What a great show! I really need to put it in the Tivo rotation. It is the most down to earth cooking show you'll find on tv. Sam the Cooking Guy cooks meals out of his own kitchen, and uses regular ingredients. He's witty. The stuff looks really good. I'm making myself hungry.

We lucked out in that we didn't watch anything embarrassing. There are times when it gets late and we end up watching something absolutely inane. LIke the other night I come home and Stacy is watching The Biggest Loser. Niether of us had seen it before, but she was giving it a run. Man, that show has no buisness being on tv. What an unmitigated disaster. These wonderful people are working through all of their relational and physical anxiety in front of the cameras for everyone to see, and they actually have to vote each other off the show. Horrible.

The only thing worse was the show we ended up watching next. Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

Yeah, we watched it once. I feel like I have to mention things like that every once in a while to remind myself that I have very shallow aspects to my person. Thank goodness they didn't surface during Nielson week.

I have no further comments on the BFF thing. Let's never mention it again.

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