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The Wiggles have been very very good to us. They entertain Elli. They make her happy. They help her get a lot of excersise by means of incessant dancing.

But sometimes Daddy needs a break. Enter Veggie Tales. I busted them out recently, figuring that Elli was old enough to follow the plot and enjoy the concept. And enjoy she did. Following the plot (or any other number of crucial details)? Not so much.

We have two VT magnets on the fridge. One of Larry the cucumber and the other of LarryBoy. So yesterday we are looking at fridge photos, when she points at one of the magnets and proclaims, "Bob!".

Sorry to tell you kid, but it's Larry. Bob's a tomato. Larry is a cucumber.

She thinks. "Oh...He's ready to fight."

Oh buddy.

Here's the thing. The episode we watched was Dave and the Giant Cucumber. Loosely based on David and Goliath. Jr., who is a cucumber but certainly not Larry. So we were wrong on that little factoid.

But here's the bigger problem. While the storyline did include buildup to a big battle, I'm pretty sure the main point of the episode was something other than "The Veggie Tales characters are ready to fight." More seasoned theologians than myself can check my hypothesis. But I'm pretty sure that there are lessons about God using the underdog and the power and providence of God that are a little more pertinent.

But then again, it's possible I'm misinterpreting the VT canon.

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