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I don't watch a ton of shows. Mostly sports, PBS news shows and kids programming. Since sports and PBS news don't make for the greatest lists, we'll stick to kids programming for our highlights today. Even there, our options are limited since half the time we are watching the same two Wiggles DVDs. Well, that leaves us with Sesame Street. Hey, if you are stuck on an island with just one children's show to watch the rest of your life, the Double S is the way to go.

Sesame Street Segments I Enjoyed

!. Worm World Cup - Couldn't find a video of this one, which is too bad. They have Muppet worms replay the world cup, complete with a French worm head-butting an Italian worm. A+ for cultural relevance while teaching a worthwhile lesson to the kiddies.

&. Chris Brown Singing with Elmo -The hippest segment ever on the Double S. Elli loved it, and requested repeat viewings.

$. Destiny's Child and Elmo - It's not often that you get the full-body shot of Elmo and Grover. For good reason. Monster Muppets don't have the most flattering abdomens. They have that old-person paunch going on. I'm just glad they are thrusting that paunch all over this song.

#. Alicia Keys and (surprise!) Elmo - I didn't get to go to the Alicia Keys concert this year, but this was just like being there. Kinda.

@. Andrea Bocelli Sings Elmo to Sleep - Not going to lie. I have a little bit of a man-crush on Bocelli. Creepiness aside, if he ever wanted to sing me to sleep I'd be down. This particular segment holds the distinction of being the only Double S segment to compel me to head to iTunes and purchase a song.

?. James Blunt Grooves with Telly Monster - I didn't know Telly had it in him. Get down there, big fella.

+. James Earl Jones does the Alphabet - Ok, so I didn't actually see this one on TV. I found it when I was searching for the other clips. Who cares. That dude could read the phone book and make it sound interesting. And he's multi talented. He can also count. Gameface

=. Potty Training - Elli would not be able to pee in the toilet if it wasn't for Elmo. The Elmo potty DVD was great brainwashing, and very entertaining for daddy. And the Elmo panties have been the ONLY enduring form of bribery that have worked. Thanks, bro.

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  1. adam paul 10:19 AM
    elmo come take a walk with me...
  2. adam paul 10:23 AM
    also. i'm in tears at a a coffee shop in manhattan after watching james earl jones recite the alphabet.
    that was maybe the funniest thing i've seen in years.

    i hope you don't mind i'm posting it.
    i'll give you copping props.
  3. Nikki 7:14 PM
    Yah, James Earl Jones doing the alphabet...priceless.
  4. Abby 9:02 PM
    Nathan and I would like to suggest another double S favorite - Fiest, we watch it on youtube at least once a day.
  5. Abby 9:03 PM
    make that Feist

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