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Let's get serious here as we finish up the Best of 2008 series. Comics. Not the most educational section of the newspaper, but certainly crucial for the general sanity and attitude of a paper's readership. There is no doubt in my mind that starting the morning with a laugh, chuckle and/or guffaw is good for both mental and physical health.

Favorite "Oldies"

Garfield - Back in the day, I checked out every single Garfield book from the library at Edwards Elementary School. It's still funny after all these years, even after Jon finally wooed Liz and Garfield decided to be nicer to people.

BC - Classic comedy. My only complaint is that The Kansas City Star does not carry it on Sundays. BC always has the best Easter comic in the section.

Doonesbury - Unlike Garfield, I did not read this comic while in grade school. The humor can be pretty dry, but intellectually indicting of political (typically Republican) figures.

Favorite "Newbies"

Get Fuzzy
- Best comic ever. I've had to stop reading it in the latrine, because I found myself falling off on a regular basis due to uncontrollable laughter. Way too messy.

Pearls Before Swine - Snarkiest comic ever. Nothing is sacred. I especially enjoy the unabashed lampooning of Family Circus.

Dilbert - Excellent satire on corporate greed and office politics.

Prickly City - Political humor from a Republican paradigm, but willing to make fun of itself.

Favorite Comic that Uses no Dialouge

Lio - The Star just started carrying this selection. At first I thought the idea was dumb, but then I realized it takes a certain creativity to make people laugh without the characters saying anything. Or, maybe it just shows how lazy I am because I like the comic that requires the least amount of reading.

Favorite PG-13 Specialty Internet Specialty Comics

Studs Up - The great thing about the internet is that it gives people the space and opportunity to publish niche comics. Like this one that deals exclusively with the English Premier League (soccer). Seriously funny for those with a high EPL IQ.

Penny Arcade - Ok, so I don't get all of the strips. It's video game themed, and while I follow video games, there are a lot of people out there way more intense than I am. But when I do get the jokes, they are very funny. However, they are also very salty.

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  1. Chris 10:36 PM
    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the recognition. It's been a blast doing Studs Up and, while I do it because I enjoy it, it's always great when someone else enjoys it too :).

    Also nice to be grouped in with Penny Arcade, who inspired me to do my own comic.

    (creator of Studs Up)

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