Thou Shalt Not Steal

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The google came out with a new web browser. Google Chrome. Oh so shiny. Not that I don't love me some Firefox. It's my browser of choice, but I did feel compelled to at least take Chrome out for a test run. I'm typically impressed with Google products, so there was a chance I would love it and switch.

The best I can do is "it was fine". Not amazing. Not horrible. Better than Internet Explorer, but then again, what isn't. There were some features that I preferred to ol' Firefox. But there was one feature that was sorely lacking. Adblock.

I have this add-on to Firefox that blocks most of the advertisements on a given page. It's great. The pages load faster, I'm not at risk of epileptic seizure from some overzealous ad trying to pull my attention to the periphery of a page by means of incessant flashing. Clean.

I'm always struck by how clean it really is when I try another web browser. There are a lot of ads on the internets. Especially on Facebook and Slate. Those are the two sites I notice it the most on.

Which got me thinking...When I use adblock, am I stealing the internet? And further more, do I steal radio and TV as well?

All three industries rely on ad dollars for revenue. And yet, I don't lend my eyeballs nor my earballs to most of the ads they throw my way. Adblock, tivo, preset radio channels that I can easily surf when one goes to commercial break. Suckas. But again. Do I steal? Because I'm getting all of the benefits of entertainment and information without any of the hassle. With the exception of the handful of podcasts I listen to. They embed brief product/service drops that aren't easy to get around. But they also aren't hecka annoying like an internet ad or a commercial.

I don't think I'm stealing. I hope I'm not stealing. But it is something interesting to think about.

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