Growth (part II)

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Stacy wasn't the only one to demonstrate growth at parents camp over the Labor Day weekend. I got to join the party too.

One of the cool things about the camp was that they opened up all of the activities that the kids partake in during their time there. Boating, swimming, basketball, driving range, the whole shabang. There were two things that Stacy really wanted to do. Boating? Check. It was fun. But the other?

High ropes course.

I was not as enthusiastic. I'm not afraid of flying. I love roller coasters. I don't like cliff jumping. Something about the free fall freaks me out. Though a high ropes course involves no free fall, it does involve performing numerous feats of dexterity and agility at heights I am not comfortable with. What do I look like? An Ewok?

The upside is that you are harnessed into a dohickey that can support the weight of three buses. The downside is that said doohickey gives you a mad wedgie. My butt was seriously eating my shorts, if you know what I mean. After weighing the positives and negatives I agreed to go, but I didn't think I'd love it.

As it turns out, I hated it. At least I hated the precarious positions it put me in. Man, I was sweating like nobody's business. I was nervous the whole time. My muscles were all tight. Not that much fun.

But I did grow through the process. The beauty of the high ropes course is that you learn about trust and communication. It's practically impossible to do on your own, so you have to trust your partner. And, your ability to communicate with calmness and grace under pressure is tested as well. Then you learn to trust your harness, and know that if you slip you won't plunge to an untimely demise on the forest floor. Just saying.

Stacy and I made it thorough the course in good time. We never got short with each other. And we got to kiss at every platform. Bonus. Oh, and I only fell down once. Stacy fell once too, but only because I pulled her down when I fell. Sorry about that.

So I learned that I trust my wife. I learned that I can trust my harness. And I learned that I trust my bladder, because I didn't even pee my pants one time the whole afternoon.

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