An Ode to the Oregon Coast

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The July after I graduated from high school, I spent 3 of 4 weekends on the Oregon Coast. I love it. The mountain lined beaches. The sleepy little towns. A lot of memories. Violent colisions of wave on rock that send spray flying at every angle imaginable. It's my spot.

Last week, Elli got to experience the joy of the Oregon Coast for the first time. It was actually her first trip to any beach. She didn't totally understand the concept as she claimed numerous times that it was her sandbox, but I think she got the gist. She certainly understood that it was fun to go and splash around in the water, knock down Mommy and Aunt Harmonee's sandcastles, and go for a walk with grandpa.

I'm glad she liked it. Different strokes for different folks, ya know? I mean, the temperature of the Oregon coast just isn't for everyone. But in many ways, I like that aspect. Because when it is 70 degrees the last week in July, it's refreshing. And instead of everyone going to the beach to be seen, they go to enjoy it in other ways. You don't have to worry about people flaunting their goodies, synthetic body parts on the loose or accidentally glancing at some old dudes unkempt bikini line trying to escape from his speedo. Just a bunch of folks nattily dressed in their capris (men and women), Lightweight Columbia gear and caps. It's nice. And my daughter likes it, just like her daddy.

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