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I like cheese. Mostly cheddar, but I also have been partial to Jack, Pepper Jack and Provolone. The only cheese I really dislike is Swiss. Not too sure why that is. It just makes me want to gag for some odd reason. Though, I do enjoy the Swiss Cheese fondue at The Rhinelander in PDX. Perhaps when the Swiss is melted it looses it's barfy qualities.

Anywho, my attention was caught last week at the grocery store as I was loitering by the deli counter. Next to all of the run-of-the-mill cheeses sat a platter of white cheese, prominently marked with a sign that read "Horseradish Cheese". Man, I love horseradish. But it's just so hard to keep consistent when applying to a sandwich. The Horsey Sauce at Arby's does a pretty good job, but it's mixed in mayo. Mayo is super-fat. Fast food may is super-duper-fat. Not interested in that every day. Nor am I interested in sneaking into a different Arby's every week and stuffing Horsey Sauce packets into my pants.

Immediately, I realized that this Horseradish cheese thing could have great potential. Clean. Healthier than mayo. Available at the store. So I asked the deli man for a slice and he obliged.

When I popped the cheese in, it smacked me with a heavenly burn. Right up high in the nostrils. It was so good. And far more potent than I had anticipated. I couldn't say no. I had to get some.

But then came the second smack of the experience. That there cheese rings up at $9/pound. Dang. You know what, though? Totally worth it. You just have to pace yourself. So I purchased 5 slices. They were nice and thick, and ended up costing about $.40 per slice. Not too shabby. Plus, the taste is strong enough that you can cut out any other condiments on your sandwich. Meat, bread and one slice of cheese. Tasty.

My only beef is that the slices have a tendency to stick together. If I'm paying $9 per pound I don't want to have to struggle to cut my cheese. I want you to cut my cheese, and I want it cut nice and smooth.

OK. I'm done. Thanks for indulging me.

Fair Dinkum

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  1. adam paul 6:52 PM
    did you intentionally avoid making a fart joke around the "cut my cheese" lines? or did you really just not realize the potential there?
  2. Christian 8:14 AM
    i've never been one to shy away from a good fart joke.
  3. Horseradish cheese! I gotta try that! Thanks for sharing that.

    I am just a random blog reader. I picked you up on a link. I learn such great things this way!

    Horseradish cheese! Thanks.


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