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I've always been skinny. I'm fine with that. In high school I had delusions that I could somehow lift enough weights to be the buff guy, but it was never meant to be. It drives my wife nuts, but what can you do about your genes?

But even skinny punks can get soft. Near the end of this past semester I was feeling way out of shape. It had been 18 months since I stopped ballin on a regular basis, and I had done nothing to keep myself fit. Add to that the fact that I was eating horribly due to my busy schedule, and it was time to make changes. So, between the end of classes and graduation I did a two week natural food diet. It helped me flush out the nast that had been building up, and also trimmed some of the pudge that had been accumulating.

But then it got really real. I started doing pushups and situps. I figured that I didn't want to spend the money or time to go to the gym, but I did want to work on my core strength. Amazingly, it is working like crazy.

Ok. I'm not buff or anything. But I also lost that mini-Buddha that I was hauling around. And, I have a 4-pack. And, my wife remarked the other day that my upper body had "exploded". Seriously. Who knew that just doing pushups and situps for 8 weeks could rock the casbah.

I feel better. And I saved a lot of money. The gym I was goign to join was the sweet Star Wars themed place. Then, it closed all of the sudden right before I was about to join. I couldn't figure out how such an amazing business model could fail, but then I saw this video over at my boy Adam Paul's blog. It explains a lot. Good thing I stuck to my pushups.

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