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You can never be too careful when it comes to counterfeiters. Jerks. Apparently, counterfeit dog documentation is big business. Each year when we get our dogs their rabies shots, we get a little metal charm to hang from their collars. It signifies that they are up to date, and that they will not make you foam at the mouth should they bite you. We then get a second charm when we pay the $10 yearly licence fee to the Kansas City, Kansas department of animal control.

Each charm is unique every year. It cuts down on confusion and counterfeiters. Last year we had a green bell and a blue diamond. They were nice. Classy.

This year, the rabies tag is red. Lucky for Zeke, because it matches his collar perfectly. He's such a fashion maven. It's pretty clashy with Kacy's purple collar, but she'll live.

What cracks me up is the KCK tag this year. I guess they are running low on shapes. Our annual tag is none other than the coveted gold pig. I had to do a double take when I saw it just to make sure our dogs didn't accidentally get registered with the city as pigs. It would have been problematic, for though you are allowed two dogs per household, you are only allowed a single pig. It's true. It would have been a crying shame if Zeke got carted off because the dog catcher thought he was a pig.

As it stands, the dogs just have awesome tags. Really, really awesome.

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