Mr. Freeze

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I got to drive the Jeep today. It's Stacy's baby so much so that Elli was confused as to why we were driving it today. She asked me numerous times where Daddy's Blue Car was.

Well little lady, papa's gettin' a brand new...freezer. An upright deep freeze, to be precise. One of our friends came across a free freezer (as in her mother is giving it away), so I rented a U Haul trailer today so that I can go pick it up after work. Christmas in May.

Some might wonder what the big deal is. Used household appliances don't typically make one turn cartwheels. For that matter, very few things make me turn cartwheels. The physics of tossing my gangly frame end-on-end is very hard to achieve given the restraints of gravity.

Freezers, however, make me dance for joy. Because starting tonight I will have the opportunity to buy meat by the case. A whole hog. Shoot, even a side of beef. Then, at my hearts desire, I can head down to the basement and pull out the meat so that it can later be smoked at my convenience. This really is a big moment in my meat smoking career.

Glory, glory.

Fair Dinkum

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