39th and Wyoming

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Tonight I will have dinner at 39th and Wyoming. In what used to be a service station now resides an eatery that I have become completely smitten with. The Aladdin Cafe serves up such marvelous Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, that this will be my fourth visit in as many weeks. I'm officially an addict.

It's not just me, either. Stacy's jonesing as well. In a bad way. She's a huge fan of the hummus, as am I. She is also holding tight to her tradition of ordering a Gyro each trip. I am very proud of myself in going with three different dishes in my three trips. I loved the gyro meat and hummus plate. Amazing. I sorta liked the curried chicken. One problem I was having is that my tastes are tuned to the Asian/Indian curry. To my tongue, those are sweeter than the Mediterranean variation. It wasn't bad. It just wasn't as amazing as I had hoped. So last time I went with the plain chicken and couscous platter. Good call.

Tonight? Not sure. Probably back to hummus and gyro meat. And perhaps a hookah session for dessert.

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