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My subscription list in my google reader is getting quite long. But that's ok. There is a lot of entertaining and educational stuff out there on ye ol' internets. Two sites that I recently stumbled across and enjoy checking out every day.

  • straight cash homey dot net - The premise is so simple. People send this cat pictures from the "wild" of individuals wearing out of date or embarassing sports jerseys. The author posts one pic each day, along with a snarky little commentary on the jersey in question. It's pretty funny, though you'll have to come to the table with a decent amount of sports knowledge to get the humor. The other problem is that today is the first day in forever that a pg-13 picture is posted, so it might be best to wait until tomorrow to visit the site. Special bonus: best webiste name I have ever come across. On a regular basis I find myself uttering, "Yeah! Straight cash, homey."
  • End Politics as Usual - A self proclaimed "33-year-old Moderate Republican Female living in Kansas". She really doesn't like Hillary Clinton, so if you are a Clinton supporter you should just steer clear. And she is a KU fan. And she tends to like Obama. If you can deal with all of that, then head on over. You'll get a lot of funny comments, as well as posts that help you keep up with some of the interviews that the candidates are doing.
Fair DInkum

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  1. adam paul 12:26 PM
    there was a guy sitting to the right of my dad and i at the K wearing a teahAn jersey. spelled wrong. i wish i'd taken a pic.

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