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The internet is making it really hard to grow up.

Some of my favorite memories from college involve games. The trash talking. The pride. The killer instinct. The victory dances. Be it an old-fashioned game of Risk or the thumb numbing marathons of Road Rage, 007, Perfect Dark and NCAA College Football on one of many different video gaming systems, the competition was intense.

Now that I am adult-ish there are far fewer opportunities for such tests of manhood. It has been for the better, since Stacy's eyes practically roll out of her head whenever I try to use my trash talking skills to throw my opponents off their game.

When our friend Coleman was living with us recently, we got called "dorks" quite often. I'm still unclear as to what makes two men sitting on exercise balls while enjoying a little FIFA Streets on the Gamecube dorky. Apparently, ladies don't dig such exploits.

Get ready for the criticism to rise up again when Stacy returns from Jamaica. I took a bunch of video games that I don't play anymore to Gamestop this week and walked out of the store with my very own copy of Guitar Hero III. Holla atcha boy.

What makes the acquisition grand is that even though Coleman is now living in Rhode Island, he also has GHIII. Thanks to the magic of the internets, we can play both with and against each other online. Super virtual shreddage, if you will. And believe you me, we will.

I never have to grow up.

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