Maiden Voyage

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It took forever, but I finally got to use my new smoker on Saturday. I had intended to use it on January 1, but we barely fought our way out of single-digit temps that day and Stacy had a long call shift. Getting to know my new friend under extreme weather conditions while acting as the sole caretaker of my child did not seem like a recipe for my best meat smoking performance.

In hindsight, it was a sheer act of genius.

I was rewarded for my patience with a 55 degree day as well as the opportunity to host some friends for our initial effort. The ease with which the new member of our family was able to hold an ideal temperature was great. It looked absolutely beautiful sitting outside that afternoon, and it produced my best rib effort to date. We have a keeper, folks.

Oh, and I have officially named the smoker "Vader". Stacy wanted me to name it "R2" because R2-D2 is her favorite Star Wars character, but I would have none of it. First of all, the new smoker is Black. R2 is white and blue. Secondly, R2 is going to intimidate nobody when we start entering official contests. You gotta have a little swagger to your sauce, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Most importantly, this leaves room for a natural progression should we ever upgrade in size again. If we get a slightly bigger smoker, it could be aptly named the Tie Fighter. And though it is very unlikely, should we get really serious there is a chance that we could finagle our way into a monster unit that we could christen the Death Star.

I just gave myself the chills.

What would really be amazing is if we could have a whole Star Wars themed setup at contests. How cool would it be if we got a beat up old RV or Van, and painted it to look like an X-wing. We could build some removable wings, and then place a proper R2 on top. I already have a life-sized Han Solo cardboard cutout, and you can very easily find a Chewbacca outfit on ebay. I'm sure that Stacy would have no problem throwing her hair in side-swirls and donning an authentic Princess Leah outfit. And Elli could be an Ewok. That would be so tight.

And not at all dorky.

Fair Dinkum

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