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Good to see some of the striking late-night talk show writers are finding work to sustain them until the strike is over. At least that's what I assume is the case after watching Mitt Romney take an unmerciful barrage of zingers during the ABC/Facebook debate on Saturday night. I managed to watch 5 of th 6 hours of televised debate this past weekend, and those first two hours on Saturday night were a sight to behold. It was as though all of the other five candidates got together before hand and made a pact to bust his chops at every available opportunity.

I was pretty disappointed that McCain was one of the ringleaders. He and Rudy seemed to get in most of the cheap shots, though Huckabee had his moments in the first half. I thought it was really smart of him to back off in the second half of the debate. It seems as though he realized that the other guys were absolutely killing each other, and that he didn't really need to get his hands dirty. As a result, the others would rip away and eventually the moderator would ask Huckabee what he would though. The Governor would then calmly execute his talking points, and I thought he did a good job.

For his part, Romney showed great resolve. Every time he got jabbed he would just take a deep breath and then reiterate that he was there to talk about the issues. I, on the other hand, would have probably started crying. It was that brutal.

The most memorable point of the night was when Ron Paul started talking about how the US has soiled our good name by occupying other countries and setting up puppet governments. Stacy remarked, "He's telling the truth, but I don't think America is ready to hear that." On cue, all five of the other candidates jumped him at once. I thought a riot was going to break out on stage.

As for the Dems, I didn't see anything that made anyone stand out. You could see a little bit of desperation in Clinton's performance. For good reason too, if the poll numbers hold up. This thing could be over in no time the way Obama is building momentum.

One thing all of the debating made me realize is that I could really use an economics degree. The way things are shaping up now, the Free Trade vs. Socialized Gov't debate could be huge once we get past the primaries. The candidates were really pressed hard about economics and taxes in the portion of the Fox debate that I saw, and I think it is an important discussion considering our mounting debt. Everyone has a lot of grand plans, but we have to find the money to get that done somewhere.

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