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We had our huge Christmas party at The Hope Center last night, so I crashed at a coffee shop this morning to catch up on some assignments. Another day, another humorous situation with mild sexual undertones.

For the record, I was at a different coffee shop than the one I was at a couple of weeks ago. This place is near where Elli stays while we are at work, so it's pretty convenient. I've been in a couple of times, and the same dude is typically working when I'm in there.

Today there were quite a few people in the shop when I got there, but as I worked the place emptied out. Soon, it was just me and the barista. So I'm typing along, minding my own business, when the guy starts singing to the music that is playing on the store's PA system. No big deal, right? I guess. Except that he is singing loud. And the song is Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing.

By the time the song is half over, dude is just belting it out in a pseudo-falsetto. Perhaps he forgot I was sitting there. Perhaps he knew I was there and he was just so comfortable with himself and overcome by Marvin's smooth stylings that he just couldn't help himself. Perhaps he was serenading me. Who knows?

All I know is, it took everything in my power to not just start busting up laughing. Regardless of which of the three above scenarios was the true circumstance of this impromptu concert, laughing uncontrollably would have been a bad move. So I sat and sipped my chai and continued with my work as my barista sang.

But I did laugh on the inside.

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