Music Reflection: Pink's "I'm Not Dead"

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It's true. I downloaded one of Pink's albums from iTunes. There's no shame in that. I was a big fan of Pink when I was in college and her first album dropped. It had phat beats and it made me bob my head. There was just something about her vibe that I was diggin'.

Then she started to get more and more success, and her music changed a little bit. You could tell she was getting a better rep in the music business, and was getting more say in what her albums sounded like. Lucky for us, because she continued to grow as an artist and is now really entertaining.

This latest album has been out for a while. It was one of those deals where "Who Knew" was released recently as a single, and was getting a lot of play. As I thought about it, I realized there were a lot of singles from the album that I really liked. They were sneaky though, because they all sounded a little different. There was her pop ballad, her sassy social commentaries ("Stupid Girls" and "You and UR Hand"), her politically charged acoustic collabo with the Indigo Girls, and her vulnerable piano driven biopic ("Conversations with my 13-Year Old Self).

It all makes for a really complete album. It's an album that gets a lot of momentum from Pink's grainy, powerful, emotionally raw voice. It's also an album that really pushes the listener with it's use of instruments and rhythms, though you might not hear that on the first pass.

Fair Dinkum

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