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I don't typically use cuss words in this space. Consider today the exception. I would like to profess my love and support for the "s-word". Not as bad as some of the words out there, but pretty bad. I'm going to use it. You will question my integrity, my soundness of mind, and my religious convictions. I don't care. So what if all of the air is going to rush out of the room as people gasp for breath? Not me. I'm going to be brutally honest, and I'm going to drop bombs. "S-bombs" to be precise. So here we go...

Socialized Medicine.

That's right. I said it. I'm sorry if you think worse of me, but I'm a proponent of socialized medicine in these very United States of America. Holla at ya boy.

I'm starting to become pretty passionate about the s-word. As the subject has entered public debate with political figures waggling over how many children should be covered by federally funded health care, I've thought long and hard about how if we are going to be about anything as a society, we should be about building up and preservation. Yes, it's expensive. Is it as expensive as some of our other current endeavors? According to this guy, probably not. And according to this take and this take, our other endeavors are using brawn and violence as inefficient (and dare I say, too expensive) shortcuts to foreign policy objectives that might now be in jeopardy because of our tactics. Granted, my sources are anything other than fair and balanced, but they make good points.

So let's rock on with the s-word. Don't worry, if you say it enough, it won't hurt your ears so bad.

Fair Dinkum

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