Why I Love Our Agency

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One of the biggest favors God did for us was send us in the direction of our adoption agency. Children's Hope International did a fantastic job facilitating our adoption, but more than that we have been astounded over and over again at the ethical paradigms they operate under.

The sad fact of the matter is that not all adoption agencies are very ethical. There is a lot of money to be made in international adoption, and people will do whatever they have to to get a slice of that pie. There is some shady stuff that goes on out there to the point where some agencies will bribe government officials or pay mothers for their babies.

With CHI we never had doubts that they were doing things the right way. As a result of their practices, we probably had to wait longer for Elli than some other families at other agencies had to wait for their babies. But it's all good.

What really blows us away is how CHI continually demonstrates that their commitment not just to place babies, but to show Christ to the world. For instance, they charge a little more than some agencies do, but that's because they leave a good chunk of your adoption fees in the country you are adopting from to help strengthen orphanages and provide for the kids who don't get forever families.

So I wasn't surprised, though I was very moved, when earlier this week we got a letter from CHI. They informed us that just recently a bridge collapsed in a region that they serve. Many people were killed in this accident, and as a result families are having a difficult time providing for basic needs. At the urging of one of their in-country employees, they decided to take up donations and present the money to families so that they can meet needs and bury their loved ones. These families don't have to be affiliated with CHI, and it's very possible that none of them will have ever heard of the agency.

That's why I love my agency. It's why I refer them to everyone I know. It's a great example of being a living example of Christ in this world and loving God while loving others.

Fair DInkum

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