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I regretted not following the tv series Heroes from the beginning. It's not all my fault. I had just returned from Vietnam when it started, and with a baby no less. The only shows that got recorded last fall were ones I already had programmed in. Thankfully, we live in the day and age where studios drop entire seasons on DVD in short order, so I was able to catch up before Season Two starts on Monday. I'm glad I did.

Some shows work well on DVD, while others can only be optimized in the context of a weekly viewing. Take 24, for instance. I've watched two seasons on DVD and found both highly addictive. However, that addiction did not serve me well. I blasted through each of the seasons in no time flat, but found that the pacing wasn't really conducive to mass viewing. You find certain redundancies and plot holes that you probably wouldn't notice if you were watching one episode each week. And yet, when I watch Season 3, I will probably do so in huge chunks. That's what happens when you decide to partake in television crack.

Heroes was great on DVD. It kept from getting overly complicated and taking itself too seriously (unlike another show I watch regularly...Lost), but at the same time was compelling and had great character development. As a person who has never been into the whole comic book thing, it made me understand a little better why people have loved them for years and years.

The other thing that I found remarkable was how the story ended with strength, considering this was a first season show. I remember feeling like the last 1/3 of 24's first season felt tacked-on. Like the end of the script hadn't been written until the show was picked up for the entire season. But the quality of both production and pre-production in Heroes was very strong. It hooks you from the beginning.

All of that to say...the show gets my hearty recommendation.

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    Followed you here from your Oklahoma Joe's comment at Jesus Creed. I'm also in KC. Anyway, thought I'd say Hi.

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