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It's about time for a meat post. It seems like everywhere I turn, meat thoughts are dancing through my head. Thoughts that don't come out of no where, but that are rather introduced by others who come across my path.

For instance, I am going to a wedding next weekend. A very dear college friend of both Stacy and myself. A few months ago, she mentioned that they might be roasting an entire pig at the rehearsal dinner. Be still my madly beating heart. Roasting a whole pig is only one of my life's goals, though Stacy isn't too thrilled at the prospect. Something about me digging a huge hole in our back yard and cooking dinner in it over the course of numerous days isn't that appealing to her.

While it might be of little consolation, Stacy does know that this meat smoking triumph is quite a ways off. An entire pig is a big investment, and I'd like to walk through the process with someone before I do it myself. The couple of opportunities that have come up to earn my stripes have managed to fall through, as did this particular chance. It seems as though this young lady's father wasn't able to carve out the 3 days it was going to take to do this undertaking the week of his daughter's wedding. I can respect that. There will still be succulent pork to sup on, and I can respect that as well. Oh baby, can I ever respect that. I'm modifying my eating habits over the next eight days accordingly.

Today, I also came across this post on Scot McKnight's blog. I guess there is a national discussion going on pertaining to the best sandwich. My contribution?

The Carolina style pulled pork ZMan on Texas toast from Oklahoma Joe's located in a gas station here in town.


Sorry about that last line. I had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard.

Now, if you go to OKJ, you won't find this sandwich on the menu. It's a little hybrid sandwich I order by combining a couple of their specialties. It's pulled pork, provolone cheese, an onion ring and spicy slaw meticulously placed in between two fresh slices of buttery toasted white bread. National discussion that, yo. Oh. And don't forget the strawberry soda.

Before you across town (or the country) to grab one of those bad boys, you need to set aside some recovery time. Ingesting all of this meaty goodness has been known to cause the Meat Sweats. This is a diagnosable condition that I first experienced on a visit to Roy's Barbecue in Hutchinson, KS. You get it when you eat too much smoked meat in one sitting. It just begins with the sweating as your body struggles to break down all of the succulent protein. It then moves to a stage where you must find a couch, lay down, and pass out. Preferably while watching soccer, college football or college basketball sometime during the midday hours. By early evening, you should be ready to rock and roll. Unless you get the three-meat dinner at Roy's. Then you might need a couple of days.

For some reason, I'm really hungry right now. Smell ya later.

Fair Dinkum

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  1. Chad Toney 10:38 PM
    Coffee or something sounds good. chad (dot) toney (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Is your wife working at any of the local hospitals? I create reports at KUmed.
  2. adam paul 12:44 AM
    this post is unfair to those of us who are in love with the zman and no longer live in a location where it is readily available.


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