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I try not to be "Inane Poster of Daily Life Blogger Guy". Only on special occasions. Like today. Thus...My day...
**Woke up, did some crunches, read. It was nice. The coffee was good. Life was grand.
**Life got a little less grand when I went outside to find that the paper guy failed to enclose my morning edition in a protective plastic bag. What the freaking heck? I swear I was jostled from my sleep by a two hour killer thunderstorm in the wee hours of the morning.
**I walked down to the corner and popped two quarters into the machine for a dry paper.
**Commenced with daily paper reading.
**Went downstairs to get the cloth diapers out of the dryer. What?!?! Still wet? Great. Why is everything wet this morning? At least my bed wasn't wet when I woke up. That would be embarrassing. Start the dryer, since I obviously forgot to do it last night after I transferred everything from washer to dryer.
**Got Elli up. Ate oatmeal with her while downloading Crowder's new album from iTunes.
**Cursed myself for not remembering to bring my iPod home from work.
**Read to Elli.
**Sang songs with Elli.
**Watched Elmo with Elli while doing her hair.
**Got dressed. Broke out my new light-pink microfiber suit jacket for the first time. Price paid: $20. Price listed on the price tag: $295.00. I can't believe these things made the clearance rack.
**Went back downstairs to check on diapers. Still wet. Gaaaaaaa. Didn't realize that dryer was set to "air fluff" instead of "heated dry". Make necessary adjustments to automatic laundry drying equipment.
**Threw disposable diapers in diaper bag.
**Forgot diaper bag on the window seat, where it sits at this very moment.
**Took Elli to the pet store. Got 80 pounds of dog food, thus bringing the weight of the contents in my cart up to 98 pounds, including infant. Checked out the doggy daycare, much to joy of infant. Checked out fish, much to joy of infant. Checked out rodents, much to joy of infant. Checked out doggy grooming station, much to joy of infant.
**Dropped Elli off at childcare provider, where she will get to wear size 5 diapers today, since dad forgot her size 2's on the window seat.
**Hung out with kid at his school. Took one for the team and ate school hot lunch in a show of solidarity. Sloppy Joe, chocolate milk, beans and tots. Dropped sweet Napoleon Dynamite reference. Crowd goes wild.
**Go to work.

And that is the farce that is my life.

Fair Dinkum

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