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One of the kids I work with brought a book home from school yesterday. I was pleased to learn that wordsmith Andy Griffiths has authored Zombie Butts from Uranus. It is best summed up by its own back cover.

Strange Butt Two - True!!!!
Zack Freeman is on his way to becoming a first rate butt-fighter. He has gone head-to-butt with all kinds of stinky scoundrels and butts-gone-bad. But even our doody-full hero is a-gassed by these latest stench invaders. They're round, blue and smelly. They're ruthless, cunning and very cheeky.
Their odor is unstoppable.
Their mission is downright foul
And they won't rest until Earth is wiped away by their nasty fumes! They're ZOMBIE BUTTS FROM URANUS! And the galaxy is but one boy (and his butt) away from total reek-dom...
The heart-stopping, nostril-burning sequel to THE DAY MY BUT WENT PSYCHO!

Two words: Literary Genius.
Though I am a little mad. Not that this book was published by Scholastic, but that it was not published when I was in middle school. I totally would have read it. Heck, I probably would have memorized it. Hats off to Andy Griffiths for molding the minds of Americas Youth.

Understandably, at least half of you don't think I'm telling the truth. Would Amazon lie?

Fair Dinkum

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