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One of my favorite parts of Fantasy Football is naming my team. I like to have creative names that mess with my opponent and give me a competitive advantage. I'm in one league with a bunch of guys from Minnesota, so one year I named my team the Wolverines, because the University of Minnesota always gets worked by the Michigan Wolverines. Then I got mad and changed my name to Shovel, as a vow that I would bury them for the remainder of the season. Last year I chose a slightly risque name with a maching icon that brought me many victories.

So this past weekend I was doing some research to find a new name. I then stumbled upon this study that I found both interesting and giggle inducing. It holds a copyright from the Canadian Medical Association, and it was also published on the National Institute for Health website, so it must be legit.

The study is about "Words used by children and their primary caregivers for private body parts and functions". It's actually a helpful study for medical professionals to help in the care and diagnosis of children. At least that's what the mature part of my brain tells me. The juvenile part tells me that Appendix I (found at the bottom of the document) is pure gold. It is a chart that delineates slang words that English speaking families use. There are some fantastic insights there that I plan on making full use of.

We can probably blame my mother for my immaturity on the subject. As a nurse, she knew all of the technical terms for private parts and body functions. Thus, there was a period of time in my childhood where I was required to use the terms "urinate" and "defecate". If I had been allowed a little more kid-like freedom, I might not have these manifestations of potty-humor repression. Oh well.

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  1. Dori 5:34 PM

    Did you actually write this post during your - gasp! - ethics class????

    Now it all makes sense...that is why your lunch was delayed....


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