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I was bumping around on Sean's Blog the other day and came across this video clip. I'm not usually one to rip stuff off of other people's blogs, but this was a special circumstance. A couple of weeks ago I spoke at a retreat where I referenced Mr. T, and when I saw this beauty I became very sad that I had not been able to incorporate it into my talk. Dang. Plus, it has to be one of the most heartfelt odes to mothers I have seen in my life. Poetry in motion.

Though Sean just threw this classic out for our viewing enjoyment, I feel compelled to share some thoughts on this piece of musical genius:

**Those kids spit some of the best smack I've heard in a long time. I can't believe I've never heard those putdowns before. What is really hilarious is that Mr. T doesn't care that they are punking each other like crazy. Only when mom is brought into the conversation does he feel the need to step in. Certainly a very nuanced take on verbal ethics.

**There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. T wrote all of those lyrics himself. I mean, the passion of his delivery guarantees those words come from the heart. Sniff.

**You know a music video clip is old when the dude is wearing Daisy Dukes shorts and the women are wearing floor-length skirts and pants suits. It's a far cry from Britney's undie dance on the MTV Music Video Awards last night. All I know, is that if short shorts on men come back into style, I'll be all over it. I have very shapely legs.

**The problem with videos like this is that they are like crack. There are hours and hours of Mr. T gold on youtube, and I think I've watched most of it. Mr. T on Letterman is amazing. Though perhaps not as amazing as Mr. T on 80's fashion. Seriously. Run a search. You'll thank me later.

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