The Jumpoff

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Today, my program year kicks off. Thus, the sparse posting the past few days as my time has been eaten up by the innumerable last-minute details that needed to be taken care of.

This year we are shifting to single-gendered classes, so it's me and the boys. The upside to the arrangement is that I get to spend a lot of time emphasizing positive male roles, which a lot of these guys need. Of the 10 boys in my class this year, just one of them has a male figure in the house. A second boy has dad kinda sorta in the picture, and the rest of the guys don't have dad around at all. So this is a huge opportunity for my team of men to pour into these young men and show them what it is like to live out a maturing Christian faith.

And so it begins. Please pray for my boys and my team of leaders that has volunteered to work with me this year.

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