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Stacy's reaction upon
learning I had purchased a pair of man capris

Man capris are great. Lightweight. Baggy. Shorter than pants, but dressier than shorts. Perfect for semi-casual occasions.

They've been popular in Europe for years, and now they are really starting to catch on in the US. Well, maybe not everywhere in the US. But I do know that the urban clothing store down the street from my job has a really nice selection manpris. So, after pondering the purchase for a while I finally bit the bullet and sprung for a pair or two.

This purchase was not made without protest. It seems as though Stacy does not think Manpris are the manliest pant in the world. We've been through this in our relationship before. It happened a couple of years ago when I really wanted to pick up a nice blue sweater vest that had a pink and grey argyle pattern on it. Stacy protested. I plowed ahead and wore it, and even she now admits that I look darn good when I'm flossing it around town.

We still don't quite see eye-to-eye on the manpris. But sometimes paradigm shifts take a while, and I think we can work through this. Plus, there are some very good reasons for me to wear manpris...

1. I have very attractive ankles.

2. I don't have super attractive knees.

3. People are used to me displaying interesting and slightly-fringe fashion trends, so they won't be overly shocked.

4. Did I mention I have attractive ankles?

I'm sure that following this very compelling argument, you side with me. However, in the event that you are firmly in the anti-capri camp, I invite you to a civilised conversation about the pros and cons of my pant selections

Fair Dinkum

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  1. Lisa 10:55 PM
    You did look really good at the ripe age of 2 in your Easter knickerbockers & quilted vest. You had nice looking ankles then too!
  2. adam paul 7:09 PM
    rafael nadal called - wants his pants back.
  3. Dori 2:11 PM
    C! Please, please, please...wear a pair Sunday morning....please, please, please...bring those manpris right into a community where you/they would start a minor commotion...maybe you could even make it a matter of community ethics...please, please, please...

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