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I think we're finally done with winter, I would like to pronounce victory over the rodents that previously tormented me down to my very soul. I honestly thought I had lost. It was at least a 9 count by November 2006, I'll tell you that much. I had tried everything I knew of to get rid of the mice that were fascinated with living under our dishwasher. Took the trim off of the kitchen floor and filled all of the cracks with steel wool and Great Stuff. I put door sweeps on all of the doors to fill in the cracks. I made numerous trips to the basement to see where they could be getting in. I set traps with all kinds of delectable goodies in them for bait. Somehow, these mice could lick a trap clean and escape to safety.

With the exception of the occasional mouse that our German Shepherd was able to catch, I was getting straight worked over.

Then I was enlightened. One the adult leaders who volunteers at The Hope Center enlightened me to a little product called Riddex Pro. He was catching 3 mice each day and was not making any headway. So he got the Riddex Pro and found a formidable opponent for the mice.

What does the Riddex Pro do, you ask? The manufacturer explains it best.

Just plug in the Riddex Pro and it starts paying for itself! Riddex Pro turns the wiring in your house into an invisible pest repellent force field. Using patented
Digital Pulse Technology, and powered by a Motorola Freescale Microprocessor,
the Riddex Pro creates an irritating environment for pests inside your walls, chasing them away from your house. Pests are not killed!

Yeah. So it's pretty much voodoo, as far as I can tell. On the real, had I not been at my wits end in my battle I would never have tried such a dubious sounding product. But in my desperation I reached out, and was delivered by the Riddex Pro. I've been converted and now I'm a firm believer. Holla.

Fair Dinkum

Fair Dinkum

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