The Great Divorce

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I'm sad to say, "It's over." My short lived fling with the Zojirushi Freshbrew has come to an end after just a few short months. I had such high hopes for the relationship, but it just wasn't working out like I had hoped.

We all know that I'm a coffee snob. Coffee snob to the max, some might argue. I like my coffee hot, and I like it strong. And I like for it to be environmentally and trade friendly. It helps me rest better.

So two particular beefs have sent the Freshbrew packing. Flipped on Ebay for a good price, I might add. First, the coffee just isn't hot enough. I need it so hot that it's almost unbearable, ol' FB wasn't cutting it in that department. The other problem is more environmental in that I could not, for the life of me, find a metal mesh filter that would fit it correctly. I'm not a fan of the taste nor the environmental effects of the paper filter (even the brown ones) so we're switching back up. A reconversion, if you will. Back to the Aroma Solo. My first love of coffee makers.

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