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I guess I have a problem telling the truth. I said my bread would end yesterday, but I took an extra day. Too much to do in terms of hanging out with my lovely wife and child who I didn't get to see for a week. I beg your pardon.

So now we expect some kind of deep take. After all of the conferences I have been to, that seems like a reasonable request. However, my brain is on vacay until Monday because it was way too overworked. You'll have to settle for...

*ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness the Blazers got the first pick in the NBA Draft. They only had a 5% chance of doing so, but the basketball gods looked down upon us with favor and hooked a brotha up. They now have their pick of the two best players to come out since LeBron did a few years back. It's a great time to be a Blazers fan. We might actually be coming out of purgatory.

*Happy 30th Birthday to Star Wars. The commemorative stamps go on sale today. The Post Office anticipates a complete sell out, which would break the current record for special edition stamps, currently held by Elvis. Dang. Also a great time to be a Star Wars fan. I found it interesting that USPS didn't have to pay LucasFilm anything to do this, because it provides so much free advertising exposure for the Star Wars brand. That's saying a lot.

*Last night I watched 3 hours of Lost. I think they've managed to get the show back on track, and I'm excited to see how everything goes down over the last two seasons.

*Don't go see 28 Weeks Later. I saw it in Cali last week, and laughed my way through the entire thing. Not a good sign for a horror movie. I am putting it on my "Worst Movies Ever" list along with: The Perfect Storm and Blades of Glory. I was bummed, because 28 Days Later was the bomb dizzle.

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  1. adam paul 1:31 AM
    i hope they dont pull another sam bowie.

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