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Ahhh. Beautiful California. I got in town last night for the Urban Youth Workers Institute, which is being held on the campus of Azusa Pacific University. After frequenting the state while in high school, this is actually my first trip here in a couple of years. It's about the same as I remember. Fast drivers and pretty people at the airport who want you to know that they're pretty. And higher gas prices. Classic Cali.

I will admit to one pleasant surprise. I think I might like In-N-Out Burger slightly more than I did before. I had always considered it a decent burger, but not nearly worth the hype that people assign to it. I think that every region has their own upscale fast food burger joint. I still prefer Burgerville (Oregon upscale ff burger joint) and Backyard Burger (Midwest incarnation) to In-N-Out, but INO's overall rating has been boosted a couple of points.

I'm a little sad that life is at its most hectic point ever right now. Unfortunately, I'm starting one of those weeks where I'm trying to touch all of the bases without really letting everything soak in. I'm leaving UYWI early (12:30am on Saturday Morning) to get back to KC in time for Stacy's party and hooding. She said I didn't have to come back, but I informed her that I wasn't trying to win any "Worst Husband of the Year" honors, so I'd be glad to come back. I mean, really. How could I not be there on the first day that she can be officially referred to as "Dr. Dashiell".

Sunday it's back to LA for a Jr. High Pastors Summit where we are going to discuss adolescent brain development. It'll be just about the opposite crowd that I'm running with at UYWI, so it should be interesting to compare and contrast the theology/practice of the two groups. Think of it as my own little experiment. Bwahahahahaha. (That was my mad scientist laugh, in case you didn't catch it) A couple of good friends are going to be out there, and I'm excited to hang with them for a couple of days since I haven't had a chance to do so as much since switching jobs.

The most amazing thing about these seven days? My high maintenance schedule with small margins is requiring me to fly four different airlines. That's pretty amazing. Also a lot cheaper than one might think.

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