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My wife is smart. That fact will be proved publicly on Saturday at the hooding ceremony where her last four years of hard work will be recognized, and she will gain the coveted letters "M" and "D" following her name. That's what I call smart.

And yet, there is this other aspect to her intelligence that others don't always get to see.

This past weekend we escaped to Council Grove, KS to spend the night at a bed and breakfast. It was nice to get away, though it took us a little while to get acclimated to our new environs. There was a point in the night where there was a loud banging sound, and it took Stacy a minute to realize that they were not, in fact, gunshots. We were not at our home in the hood, but lo and behold we were in rural Kansas. Nifty.

The next morning we were having a little synchronized quiet time, with me finishing off David Crowder's Praise Habit and Stacy going through Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution for the second time. The first time she read it, the book rocked her world in a really good way. It showed her there were other Christians thinking the same things she is thinking, and that there were some that could push her to do more in that regard.

In the quietness of our hotel room the brilliance shone through. We have had this patch of land that has been a straight up pain in the butt to deal with. It is a 1 foot wide strip that runs along the South side of our property, right in between the sidewalk and our retaining wall. There used to be grass there, but it was annoying to mow. We tried wild flowers, but they got a little too wild. Then they got too weedy and the city threatened us with a ticket. It would have been a just ticket. It was wicked nappy.

Well, thanks to my smart wife there will soon be a new incarnation of the strip. She has decided to plant peppers and tomatoes along the entire strip, and then post signs inviting people to pick whatever they want for free. Doesn't that sound so fun??? She got the idea from the teaching in the Hebrew Bible (aka Old Testament, though that term is a little demeaning to our Jewish friends) that calls for people to leave some of their crop for the orphans and widows to glean. So this is a little different, because it is setting up more of a community garden for people to benefit from, but it's the same type of idea.

Stacy loves to garden. Is absolutely smitten with it. It's a great opportunity to do a little sumpin' sumpin' for the neighborhood, while at the same time doing something she loves.

Dang she's smart.

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