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Today we had a staff outing for lunch. It was one my co-worker's birthday and he decided we should all go to Oklahoma Joe's. Lucky me. Oklahoma Joe's is a barbecue joint that is solidly in my top-tier of barbecue joints in KC. The ambiance is to die for as the restaurant is located inside a gas station, and the food is oh-so-yummy. My personal favorite is the Pulled Pork Z Man on Texas Toast with a side of Spicy Slaw on top. For those of you who don't have the pleasure to frequent OK Joe's, that sandwich is a pulled pork sandwich with mozzarella and an onion ring. Then I throw down that Carolina Remix and slop that slaw on for good measure.

About half way through my meal I hit the wall. I was looking around for my second wind, but it was hiding somewhere. No worries. I figured I could just hit up the rest room for a quick minute. It would buy me some private time to get focused back on the task at hand. But my plan was foiled when I reached for the lavatory door and found it to be locked. Drat. I took my place against the wall and waited for my fellow patron to finish up and make way for yours truly.

I took a moment to ponder public lavatory etiquette and wondered if I should really be camped out in front of the door. Was that a little too forward? Was I going to give the person inside stage fright by hovering and thus prolong my wait? It wasn't like I was going to have an accident, or anything.

As I was pondering away, I heard a noise and looked up. A man was coming out of the bathroom off to my right. I took a step toward it, but then the light bulb when on. Wait a minute! If I'm in front of the Men's room, then this second man must be exiting the LADIES room. Oh snap.

The second man must have seen the puzzled look on my face as I stumbled back to the wall. He looked at me sheepishly. He wiped his face. He mumbled, "That guy was just taking way too long." I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

I sure did find that funny.

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