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*I'm going to my first Royals game of the year today. They are effectively out of the pennant race a mere 3 weeks into the season. So's life as a Royals fan. At least it's fleece blanket night.

*Yesterday I had a great run at a thrift store. I picked up a mint condition One Campaign shirt as well as a Blackleopards FC jacket. It's not every day you have an opportunity to pick up a jacket form a South African soccer team for a mere 3 bucks.

*Earth Day is on the horizon. I have given up plastic bags. I read in Time a couple of weeks ago that one plastic bag from the grocery store takes 1000 years to decompose. That's not very good. My three-pronged strategy is to (1) use a large reusable bag when I go grocery shopping (2) Use no bag and just carry my items out of the store in my hands (3) use a paper bag, if given the option. Oh, and we purchased 100% post consumer recycled printer paper on Monday.

*My seminary had a good idea. Someone put a box in our lobby that contains care packages for homeless people. They are nice packages, too. They contain: a washcloth, a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, assorted snacks, a bottle of water. You can then grab one to keep in your car, and then hand it out when you see a homeless person. I like the idea because it is constructive, it's proactive, and it has helped me be more aware of who is around me. I gave out my bag this week, so I'll make sure to get another one on Monday.

*Elli has a new swing set. It's one bad unit.

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  1. adam paul 1:26 AM
    my parents picked up a kc blanket for me. holler.

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