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The traditional phone book is pretty much an endangered species in my life. I am so wired that I typically just look things up online. I rarely ever crack the Old Yeller open these days, even though it seems at least three different companies court my business by delivering their edition to my doorstep each year. I think they need a little better demographic research.

For some reason I decided to go back, way back, back into time and flip through the Yellow Pages to accomplish my goals. As I was going through, I noticed an ad for a traffic attorney. It had a remarkably huge Jesus Fish on it. I thought it was a little bit funny, considering traffic lawyers are not known as the most reputable and upstanding folks in the world. And yet, I found that numerous traffic lawyers had Jesus Fish in their ads.

After mentioning the irony to Stacy, we thought of a couple of companies we know of whose owners are stud Christians. One of the owners we know personally, and he is hugely active and generous in his faith. He's really into missions and has a great spirit. Well, we were amused to find that neither of these businesses had ads that included any mention of Jesus or religious fish of any kind. It would seem they let their reputations as business people and Christians speak for themselves without the use of Christian symbols to sell their services. There's a novel idea.

The whole exercise reminded me of a quote from a Business professor we had in college. His feeling was that you could measure how much a car dealership was going to rip you off by how big their American Flag was.

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