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Ahhhh, my favorite sports time of year. Just got done with the conference tournaments, and now we are about to get down with The Big Dance. I love it. A few thoughts...

**Now that I love watching soccer, it makes March way busy. Euro leagues are in their stretch run at the same time college basketball is going crazy. What's a boy to do?

**The other day Stacy asked who I would root for if the University of Oregon met up with the University of Kansas. I give UofO the slight rooting edge for my affection as was the case a few years back when the two schools met in the tourney.

**It's odd to realize that I'm significantly older than all of these players. It definitely causes me to watch the games more for the fun of the tournament and the passion of the whole thing. I used to get pretty worked up over who was winning and losing. now I'm able to just watch and enjoy good games.

**I thought that my new job would allow me to watch more of the tournament. Wrong-o. I'll probably miss the entirety of the first two days, though I plan on smoking meet and hanging out around the house on Saturday in an effort to catch up. I love meat and I love basketball. Pure heaven. Holla if you want to swing by.

**Kansas State did not get cheated by being out of the tournament. I don't care what people out here say. Oregon was seeded one number too low (they should have been a four). I don't know what I'll do with them in my bracket. Live by the 3, die by the three. They could do either. Kansas didn't get any favors when they got shipped out West. Not too impressed with the teams the committee gave home court advantage to. Stanford being in the tourney is slightly redonk.

**I hope to have a link to my bracket on Thursday, but we'll see if I have time for such exploits.

**I can't tell you how excited Elli is to experience her first tournament. She's just really really pumped.

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  1. adam paul 1:41 PM
    how about duke as a 6 seed.

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