By Christian
I can't believe that my wife is a stone's throw away from being a doctor. An actual doctor with "MD" after her name. Not that I don't think she's capable. To the contrary, I've seen her work her tukas off ever since I met her in an effort to achieve this goal, but it's so hard to believe that it's finally come to fruition.

I think it's one of those deals where I've been so preconditioned to absolutely revere doctors, that I cannot believe people in my peer group can actually become one. Stacy had her first Residency interview yesterday, so on Monday night the program took us out to dinner along with a couple of other candidates. I was sitting around this table with med student's and residents and was taken aback when I realized how much responsibility they have over people's health. They deliver babies, they do procedures, they make recommendations. This is all pretty heavy stuff. And yet, it's what they are capably trained to do.

Perhaps I would not hold doctors in such high regard if we watched shows like Scrubs or Grey's Anatomy at our house. As it stands however, we don't. Something about watching people act completely asinine when you know the realities of the medical profession really just isn't that entertaining.

So instead, I'm just weirded out that people I know are about to attain a one of the pinnacle symbols of our culture. Go MD's.

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