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There are certain things that will guarantee that I like a song. The use of a marching band in hip-hop or tight harmonies, to name a couple. More than anything though, my ear is trained to love big voices. I realized this last night when Stacy and I were watching the Dixie Chicks on VHI Storytellers. The Dixie Chicks are probably the favorite band of the Dashiell house. Stacy doesn't really get into a lot of the stuff I listen to (how can you not dig Gnarls Barkley and Linkin' Park?), I have pretty much burned her out on U2, and I'm not much into most country music. Thus, when we want something that we both love, it's either Crowder or the 'Chicks.

There are a lot of things to love about the Dixie Chicks music. Great banjo skills, the aforementioned tight harmonies and engaging harmonies. More than anything though, Natalie's voice is incredible. They are at their best when her head is thrown back and she's just wailing. So it got me thinking, and there are only two other pure voices that I could think of that really can be considered in the same ballpark as Natalie's. The funny thing is that the other day I heard them back-to-back on the radio.

1) Christina Aguillera - There have been times when Christina hasn't really known what to do with all of that voice. Her initial projects were devoid of much creativity, and then she entered her period of "sexual revolution" where her albums were a bit on the trashy side. But she's gotten older and come back with a vengeance. Well thought out songs (respective to the rest of pop music, at least), and she's learned to do what Mariah Carey never could learn to do...she uses her powerful voice without overdoing it. The results are good.

2) Amy Lee - Probably the only person on the radio who could do opera. Her songs reflect that ability well, because they tend to fall into the category of power-rock-ballads. Strong songs with strong lyrics. It can literally wear you out to listen to her albums, because her voice takes you to the heart of her emotionally charged and raw lyrics.

All that being said, it's still a major goal in life for me to get to one more U2 concert even if Bono doesn't have a power voice.

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  1. Adam Paul 2:38 PM
    my friend told me the other day that she hates gnarls with a passion.
    i flipped out and punched her in the head.
    heat of the moment? maybe.
    but i think it was well deserved.

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