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November 19 will be a very different Sunday for me. For the first time in over 5 years, I will wake up and go to church, but not be an employee of a church.

Almost two weeks ago I resigned from Hillcrest Covenant Church in order to accept a position at The Hope Center (link). THC is an urban ministry in Kansas City whose mission is: "To reach and develop urban youth into world-class Christian leaders". My role in achieving this mission to be to coordinate one of their two Leader In Training programs. I will have the opportunity to mentor a group of 12-15 students and facilitate their development in seven different areas.

It's pretty emotional to leave Hillcrest, because they have been such a good family for us over the past couple of years. They walked with us throughout the ups and downs of Elli's adoption, and they have been nothing but supportive to us. At the same time, it's very exciting to be entering into a ministry that God has been preparing our family for over the past few years. God has put such a passion in both Stacy's and my heart to get involved in ministries that are holistic and that work to fight against systems that contribute to poverty. This is my chance to live out that calling every single day by doing ministry that is practical and incarnational.

God has been so good throughout this whole process. Hillcrest has been gracious as they send me out, and THC has been equally as gracious as they welcome me in. As emotional as this transition has been, it's been helpful to be leaving a ministry on good terms, and going to another ministry that literally makes my heart excited when I think about it. God is doing awesome things at THC, and it's an honor to be called to support their efforts.

So, life will be very different after this Sunday. As always, we'll keep you posted on how things are going, and we covet your prayers.

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