Get Fuzzy

By Christian
If you have time over the next few days, you should check out the comic strip Get Fuzzy (link). Get Fuzzy is my single favorite strip of all time, and it makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Part of the draw is that the author of the strip oftentimes touches on subjects that are near and dear to my heart. U2, flatulence, politics, video games and soccer have all made appearances that I found particularly memorable. The strip also has sentimental value in that Satchel Pooch (the dog) reminds me a lot of my own emotionally fragile dog of indeterminate breed, Zeke. There are a lot of times when I can totally imagine Zeke saying things that Satchel says.

Starting today, Fuzzy busts out a series of strips dedicated to the late Buck O'Neil. For those who don't know, Mr. Buck played in the Negro Leagues and was very influential in preserving the history of the Negro Leagues. Mr. Buck just recently passed away having lived a full and enthusiastic life that many of us envy.

It's cool to see a comic strip that is hilarious, but at the same time carries a certain depth. In fact, Bucky Katt is named after Buck O'Neil and Satchel Pooch is named after Satchel Paige. That's pretty cool.

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  1. Nikki 5:43 PM
    Funny thing...I started a blogger page a couple of weeks ago myself (but I still havn't posted anything). Then I went to your old page, wondering why you hadn't posted anything lately, and saw that you had also moved over here. Hmmm. Anyway, you're right. Get fuzzy is the best comic ever. My crazy cat reminds me of Bucky.

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