Double Take of Hilarity

Category: By Christian
There wasn't much on tv the other night. Trusty Tivo. Always an episode of "The Office" or "30 Rock" on there to watch. Currently, a handful of each. I'm a little behind. So I fire up an episode of "The Office", which as a whole was rather disappointing. Not completely dumb, but not consistently strong for 28 min.

What the episode lacked in sustained quality it more than made up for with a rip-roaring opening scene. I was almost in tears the first time I watched it. Then I called Stacy into the room and watched it again. It was even funnier the second time. And I was crying.

Renew and Restore

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  1. adam paul 8:59 AM
    easily one of the top 5 worst episodes of the office ever aired.

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