Middle School Moment: Ice Cream

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Last night I was kickin' it with a group of boys who had earned our monthly "Fun Night". We hooked up a couple of Wii's and bonded over Guitar Hero World Tour and Mario Kart Wii. It was super-fun.

(Tangental Side Story that I just remembered, and has nothing to do with ice cream...When we fired up GHWT, we went through a moment where we had to decide which songs we were going to add to our set list. In case you didn't know, I work with adolescent boys from the inner city. So one of said boys puts in a request for Sweet Home Alabama. Unfortunately, that song isn't in this game. The kid responds with, "Man, I thought this game was supposed to have all of the classics." Touche. I never though a guitar game with tons of classic rock would disappoint a hip-hop aficionado due to set-list deficiencies.)

After we had our fill of video games, I busted out a killer ice cream sundae buffet. The boys went nuts, as we let them put whatever they wanted to on their ice cream. They were all taking their sweet time constructing their artistic masterpieces, and going completely overboard.

Finally, they made their way through the line. One of the first boys through was walking past one of his friends, when his boy bumped him. He lost the grip on his bowl of ice cream, and it smacked straight onto the floor.

This immediately elicited cat calls of "5 Second Rule", and the dropper reached down and picked up his tainted concoction. He looked a little bummed, but I just let him sit in that feeling for a minute. I wanted to see how he reacted to his friend who had knocked the ice cream out of his hand, and I also wanted to see if he had a sense of entitlement to a second bowl of ice cream.

Right as I was about to bail him out and let him throw away the bowl he dropped so that he could get a new one, he had an idea.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to get more toppings."

He goes back to the table, puts a bunch of syrup and sprinkles on top of the ice cream that had just been sitting on the floor and proceeds to pound the entire sundae like nothing had happened.

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