Countdown to U2: If God Will Send His Angels

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As we await the drop of the next U2 album, we continue to look at some of the lesser known songs in the U2 library. Today's selection isn't so uplifting. Sorry. But there are a number of lines in the song that just resonate with me. Just really vivid images that I've wrestled with lately. So when the song came up in my itunes shuffle, it got the five stars, because I couldn't stop playing it.

Nobody else here baby
No one here to blame
No one to point the finger
Its just you and me and the rain

Nobody made you do it
No one put words in your mouth
Nobody here taking orders
When love took a train heading south

Broadly speaking, the theme of "God Fix Everything" is pretty pertinent. Because that's how we are, right? If God would just fix it, it would be easier to believe. Nevermind the fact that the brokenness around us just so happens to be a sign of our own habit of not relying on God, now we're like, "prove it".

Its the blind leading the blond

This is going to be a post sometime next week or the week after. But I just have to figure out how to say it without offending people who are very dear to me, and who I have really good relationship with. But one of my big struggles lately is what my place is in the community of believers. Like, how do you balance being a voice for justice while not getting completely embittered by how people are unknowingly contributing to paradigms of injustice? In a city where the rich and poor don't touch all that often, how do you give your all to what you are called to do, while at the same time not completely quitting on people who love Jesus but are blind to their own blindness at the moment? And maybe I'm not even saying it correctly in the moment. That's why it's a post for next week.

Its been a while since we saw that child
Hanging round this neighbourhood
You see his mother dealing in a doorway

I saw that play out a couple of months ago. It wrecked me. Bad. It was one of those moments where I asked myself "What the heck have we gotten ourselves into? And what are we really doing to make sure this does not happen in our society?"

So where is the hope and where is the faith
And the love...whats that you say to me
Does love...light up your christmas tree

This could stand to be in everyone's thanksgiving liturgy.

Jesus never let me down
You know jesus used to show me the score
Then they put jesus in show business
Now its hard to get in the door

'nuff said.

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  1. Ralph 12:36 PM
    So this next album is number 15 and certainly there are high expectations. yes you can include "Angels" in the U2-charist celebration. My 5-stars; "40" "Yahweh".

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