Was That Ace Ventura? CCDA Miami Day 2

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Scetch internet last night when I tried to post this. Apparently things are up an running again.

Today my mind was blown when... Dr John Perkins explained that "the great leaders are people who enter the agony and pain of the people, and only count their own lives as important in that they will deliver people from their brokenness. You are only a justice leader when you move into the pain of the people".

Today I was convicted when...Dr. Arloa Sutter supposed that our only reasonable response to people who just don't "get it" when it comes to how Christians are supposed should engage issues of justice and poverty is to demonstrate faith expressing itself with love.

Today I was surprised when...I went to choir practice. At a lot of these kinds of gatherings they assemble an impromptu choir to sing at one of the worship gatherings. I always say no. But today I said yes. I think God knew it would be therapeutic for me. It was the first time I had ever sang in a gospel choir and it was so fun. It was also the first time I sang in a choir since high school. Back in the day we did sing a gospel song or two, but I was always the blackest guy. Not so much today. Everyone was probably like, "what a nice looking light skinnded brotha". Actually, they were probably like, "what a nice looking hispanic guy", seeing as though I was sporting my Mexico Soccer Federation jersey. That ethnic assumption was most likely helped out by my ability to sing the spanish song the worship band sprung on us at the end. I just so happened to know the song, so I was able to simultaneously sing and samba my shifty hips in the spirit.

Today I peed my pants when...Every time I see two certain hotel employees. I'm not sure what their actual job is, but they are ubiquitous. Always together. Always hilariously and stereotypically Miami. These dudes are hilarious. Matching polos that are super-tight so that the guys nip out all day. Buttons undone so the chest hair can come up for air. Gelled hair that is slicked back to perfection. It's a beautiful sight.

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