The Photoshoot

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I got to see my first live ultrasound of Dashiell Baby Numero Dos yesterday. Dos looked good. The kid is going to be a handful, though. So squirmy in there. Kicking. Sucking the thumb. Generally wiggling and swimming around. But really, what should we expect? The kid has two driven parents, one of whom is a bit of a spaz. I had better get a lot of sleep over the next six months. This one is going to be a firecracker. I can feel it.

Is there anybody out there good at scrap booking? I have a job for you. A huge job. I need you to scrapbook the many pictures we already have of Dos. I've learned that when your mother is a doctor and has both the ability and opportunity to take ultrasounds whenever she wants, you end up collecting a lot of pictures. This kid is going to have the biggest pre-birth scrap book of any child in history. Constant surveillance. I'm sure Dos will revolt, grow up to become a lawyer and fight adamantly for any law that protects the privacy rights of individuals. Either that, or we'll have some kind of glory hog on our hands. Time will tell.

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  1. Michelle & Luke 3:03 PM
    WHERES THE PICS???? scan & post. scan & post. scan & post.
  2. Lisa 12:49 PM
    I am up for the scrapbooking of Dos.
    Pass on the pics.

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