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If anyone is interested, Dave at Blazers Edge was kind enough to post my recap of last night's game. Thanks, Dave. I really appreciate it, and it was fun to help out the rest of Blazer Nation since the game didn't have TV coverage. Mostly basketball stuff, but a couple of funny stories at the end.

One thing I didn't mention in that post was how impressive Bill Self was. He sat a couple of rows in front of me with his kid and two other boys. What a stand-up guy. Every time someone wanted a picture or an autograph, he obliged even though he was clearly just out for a relaxing evening. He even took a picture with the sloppy drunk guy who was way too loud the entire game. Security offered to escort the guy away, but Self allowed for the photo op.

The most impressive instance though was a picture he took with this teenager. The kid walked up to Self as the coach was walking up the stairs while talking on his cell phone. Self tells the person on the phone to hold on for a second. He puts his arm around the kid, smiles and then shakes the kids hand. Then he goes back to his cell conversation and heads upstairs.

It was just classy. And as often as famous people get thrown under the bus for being jerks, it was nice to see a very popular public person treating everyone else like they were someone important.

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  1. Eric 11:27 AM
    Thanks for the BEdge game recap!

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